There are two projects in The Philippines which you can donate to:

 Project 1: Shining Jewels Sustainable Farm

Project 2: Shining Jewels Philippines Education and Children's Village


Project 1:  Shining Jewels Sustainable Farm

 PotatoSustainable food production

Overview Project 1 - Shining Jewels Sustainable Farm

The Shining Jewels Sustainable Farm in the Philippines is committed to providing additional funding to support the provision of quality education to poor and vulnerable children.

Located adjacent to the school and residential facilities  on a 16 ha rural property, the farm has the potential to become self-sustaining by growing all the food required for the community as well as developing food-based enterprises and agri-tourism to generate income.

The farming community is constantly looking for supporters to help it become sustainable.  

Key Areas of Investment

• Perimeter Fence the farm to keep out stray animals
• Install a hydraulic Ram pump in the river to provide water for farming
• Build a tank for the irrigation water
• Create fish ponds
• Install drip irrigation
• Build traditional houses for visitors
• Install solar lighting
• Purchase a wide variety of fruit trees
• Build a grain storage facility
• Purchase a hand-tractor and implements

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Please Contact:

Noel Mallari, Country Director

(+61)409 629 321 or 0409 629 321


Project 2: Shining Jewels Philippines Education and Children's Village


Overview Project 2: Shining Jewels Philippines (Education and Children's Village):

The Shining Jewels Children’s Village is located in the municipality of Floridablanca, Pampanga in Luzon. It is approximately a 1-hour drive from Clark International Airport in Angeles City and an approximately 2-hour drive from Manila International Airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport).

Home to more than 130,000 people in 33 Barangays, Floridablanca is the second-largest producer of rice in the province. Families are typically consisting of a working-class group with children at school and/or working to support the family.

Aimed at reducing the incidence of truancy in primary schools as a result of poverty and malnutrition, the Shining Jewels project facilitates opportunities in achieving quality education amongst at-risk children.

A positive working relationship between schools, the municipal health department and a bank of enthusiastic volunteers from the local community has resulted in collaborative efforts attaining improved outcomes in health, hygiene, nutrition and well-being.

Fun competitions and a joyful atmosphere engage with those children most at-risk of truancy and keep them focused on accomplishing excellence in education. 

Key Areas of Investment:

  • Improved health / well being of destitute children
  • Quality education provided for at-risk children
  • Catch-up tuition programs
  • University scholarships for tertiary education
  • Improved futures for Filipino youth through vocational training scholarships

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Please contact

Noel Mallari, Country Director

(+61) 409 629 321 or 0409 629 321  

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