The uncertainty and risks of travelling during the current COVID-19 pandemic have lead to Vine Communities' decision to cancel all travel until further notice.  Please know this decision has not been made lightly and is in line iwth the Australian Gopvernment's current restrictions and advice on travel.


As the safety of children, churches, supporters and staff is of utmost concern to us, one of the main reasons for this decision is to limit the amount of potential virus exposure.  People living in areas of extreme poverty with limited healthcare resources can be some of the most vulnerable during crises such as these.


Another reason for this decision is the continuously changing nature of different governments' travel restrictions.  As a result of these restrictions, travellers could be required to quarantine either upon arrival to the destination country or upon return to Australia.  Under the current circumstances, Vine Communities cannot manage a safe and optimal experience for you on your trip or visit and this is one of our top priorities.


Seeing the work in developing countries first-hand truly changes the hearts and lives of people - and we look forward to the day when we can make travel possibilities a reality again.



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VINE Communities partners with the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund by acting as its agent for fundraising and the delivery of relief and development projects in developing countries.