Who We Are

Vine Communities is an Australian, non-profit organisation committed to bringing hope, opportunities and a brighter future to the lives of children, families and communities we serve, one life at a time.
We at Vine Communities are dedicated to providing help to those most in need. Vine Communities in Australia is supported by volunteers and faithful donors and our in-country work is managed by committed local staff. This means your donations go to where most needed .
Our in-,country volunteer staff work closely with local and other government authorities to ensure key engagement at all levels and all standards are met. This engagement is essential to ensure appropriate accreditation is obtained and maintained.
Vine Communities currently operates in Cambodia, Thailand, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Solomon Islands. We provide needy children in these countries with a quality education through the sponsorship/Scholarship program and other support services.
In addition to providing scholarships, Vine Communities operates twelve accommodation facilities for children and supports associated agriculture projects wherever possible.
Vine Communities organises building projects to improve and maintain our existing facilities to ensure they are fit for purpose and introduces new facilities to meet urgent needs. Such building additions have been ablution blocks, library, dining room/kitchen/community centres etc.
Vine Communities works with World Relief Australia to achieve our many objectives. All funds go through World Relief Australia which manages compliance requirements, auditing, project and program development and other services to enable Vine Communities to focus on fund raising and outcomes realisation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give hope by fostering permanent positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children, families and communities.

  • In Cambodia we operate the Light of Hope school with over 500 children, four residential homes, a chicken farm, extensive vegetable gardens and orchards.
  • In Thailand we operate the Adventist Rescued Children’s Care (ARCC) facilities with four residential homes and orchards, banana plantations, mushroom and other agricultural projects.
  • In The Philippines we operate the Shining Jewels Children’s Village with four residential homes and a primary school, together with extensive agriculture activities.
  • In The Solomon Islands our work is primarily a school facilities building and services program which has raised over a million dollars for improvements and capacity building.
  • In Sri Lanka we help where the need is greatest. We have helped to re-roof a primary school in Colombo to make it fit for purpose, refurbished the dining hall and kitchen at a boarding school in Kandy to make it too fit for purpose and assisted with the water supply of an orphanage in Negombo. Several more projects are planned in the future.

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VINE Communities partners with the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund by acting as its agent for fundraising and the delivery of relief and development projects in developing countries.